At the early stage of AIDS, these 6 changes in the body should be paid attention to

AIDS is a terrible disease. People die of AIDS every year, so we should pay more attention to it. Core reminder: Many people don’t know the symptoms of AIDS. Once AIDS is discovered, it is usually in the late stage, which will cause a lot of trouble in the treatment of AIDS.


So, what are the early symptoms of AIDS? How long can you live with AIDS?

Early symptoms of AIDS

1. Diarrhea


Diarrhea is one of the manifestations of AIDS. Once suffering from AIDS, the body will have obstacles to the absorption of vitamins and cannot absorb vitamins from food normally. Vitamins are very important to the healthy development of the human body. A lack of vitamins will cause students to plummet in their physical fitness, reduce their immunity, and cause diarrhea without a single cause.


2. Oral diseases

Some lesions of oral problems are common early symptoms of AIDS. Patients with oral cavity will have various ulcers of different education levels. It is very likely that some mucosal inflammation may occur, which may directly affect the throat and cause eating difficulties.

3. Tired

People with AIDS often feel very tired and fall into bed in the morning, which can be called difficulty getting up. Severe night sweats will occur when sleeping at night, there will be certain symptoms of anorexia, weight will drop linearly, and eventually the patient will gradually lose weight.

4. Slow response

In the early stage of AIDS, some common nervous system problems will occur, such as memory loss, hemiplegia, dementia, dizziness, mental decline, body convulsions, and unresponsiveness. If you have these neurological symptoms and cannot even control yourself, stay vigilant. This may be an early symptom of AIDS.

5. Skin diseases

Skin disease can be said to be the most obvious symptom of AIDS. A small herpes will appear on the skin of the patient, which spreads rapidly and widely, causing severe pain. Interventional treatment has no obvious alleviating effect.

6. Swollen lymph nodes

AIDS can affect the lymphatic system and easily cause swelling of the lymph nodes, especially in the neck, abdomen, and underarms, and quickly spread to the whole body, and the lymph nodes will move without obvious pain, and feel hard and hard to the touch. The growth cycle exceeds 3 months.

How long can I live with AIDS?

Many people are simply afraid of AIDS. AIDS is indeed a disease that brings people a lot of fear. There is currently no way to completely cure AIDS.  How long can I live with AIDS?

Regarding the survival of AIDS, time does not have an accurate and unified answer, because everyone’s physical condition, emotional attitude, treatment plan, etc. will respond accordingly to the effect of AIDS treatment.

People who have good physique, good mentality, active treatment, and early detection of AIDS may survive for 20 years, 30 years, etc. after contracting AIDS; those with relatively poor physical fitness have an attitude towards life More negative, it is very likely that there will only be a short survival period of a few months. Therefore, how long AIDS patients can live depends on various factors, and cannot be a single conclusion.

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